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Follow-up – Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 29•15

When I last posted I thought I had ‘fixed’ my alternator whine in my homegrown Bluetooth setup, and I did at the cost of battery charging.  About that time one of my co-workers took delivery of a new Sony (Bleckkkk – I’ll never buy Sony again.) radio for his wife’s Honda Pilot. The previous owner had replaced the excellent factory radio with a JVC with no CD player. He says, “Who would buy a radio without a CD player?” I raised my hand. “Me. Mine has an SD card reader.” And an agreement of intent for me to buy the old radio was established.

It took a few weeks for him to get around to putting the Sony in the Pilot, and a few more days before the old unit made it’s way back to work, a few days for me to have $20 to pay him; but the JVC found a home in Methuselah, the now 517,000 mile Accord. Given all the problems before, I took the time to make solder and heat shrink joints to all the wiring, although I’ve never had problems with crimp connectors since I got a proper set of crimping pliers.

Grand Theft Audio

Grand Theft Audio

The JVC is not as plain but is very functional like the Blaupunkt, and it has Bluetooth built in. It’s unlikely someone will smash my window and destroy my dash in the Wally World parking lot to steal it.

So the earth is now in equilibrium again, I can listen to Bible, Handgun World, How Stuff Works, Living LaVida Low Carb, Modern Self-Protection and Security Now while commuting with whistle and whine free audio clarity!


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