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Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 1

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 13•15

I drive an older Honda Accord; a 1992 running strong at 514,000 miles Accord. That is a story in itself, I bought it from the second owner at 401,000 miles, she bought it from the first owner at about 100,000. I serviced the car during the intermediary 300,000 miles she drove it for me. But it was destined to be mine.

I was content with the factory AM/FM/Cassette radio until I acquired a Android smart phone and it became trivial for me to download podcasts and listen to them while driving. It turned driving back into something productive, filling the ‘know hole’ between my ears with something more useful than morning talk show chatter. For awhile I used the cassette tape adapter, but that started getting old as the Accord’s radio in typical Honda fashion ejects the tape each time the car is turned off. A really handy feature actually, because tapes left engaged in the player are more susceptible to sticking to the pinch rollers and being eaten by the player on the next start up. Alas there is a whole generation that has never had the sinking feeling of garbled tunes come from the speakers, nor the horror of pulling the tangled remains of their favorite tape from a radio.

Enter the Blaupunkt; it does not have tape, in fact it doesn’t have a CD. It has a very unassuming appearance, I like that, all business, with AM/FM/SD card reader. I can load a trove of CDs ripped to MP3 to the SD card and never have to think about CDs sliding around in the glovebox getting scratched or falling out from the sunvisor. I could even plug my podcast laden Droid into the front panel with a 3.5mm patch cable. I talked about my experience with the front panel here. The only downside is that if my wife is riding with me, she unplugs my cable in order to put her carry-out cup in the drink holder and I have to get all connected up again in the dark of O’dark-thirty when I take off to work. It was apparent I needed to find a different solution. The simple thing would be to spend a few $$$’s and get a bluetooth compatible radio, but I have $’s available and not $$$’s. I like the car and it is well suited for commuting; old, yet sturdy, economical and paid for. But if I find some $$$$$’s, I’d replace it with something made this century.

So I turned my attention to the rear CD changer input connector.

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