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Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 13•14

I went to get my hair cut today. That’s no special event, people do it all the time. I found this guy, Todd Earnhardt at Mocksville Barbershop on the courthouse square in Mocksville, NC; he does a great job with my hair cut of choice, a flat-top. I tell my wife that this is just a transitionary hair cut, if more bald spots appear I’m going to start shaving it. I first met Todd at a barbershop in Clemmons, NC, he left to hang his own shingle in Mocksville and I followed him there. I appreciate good work and he’s good people.

What I really liked about Todd was that he could make a flat-top come out flat. Politically I tilt to the right, some may say I take a hard right turn, but in my opinion that’s just because they are so far to the left. Regardless, at the Clemmons barbershop there were two other full-time barbers and a part-time barber. One of the full-timers inevitably had my flat-top slanting to the right, the other had me slanting to the left; Todd and the part-time guy always made me level headed.

There have been a few times recently that either I did not have money, did not have time, or had something else going on when Todd’s shop was open. So in the time honored ways of my people, I cut my own hair. I mean, if you’re a guy and not vain, a #1 or #2 guard buzz cut is perfectly acceptable when your hair is long but your funds are short. I prefer going to see Todd, then I usually walk across the street to Best Firearms and drool on the glass display cases for a bit. Brent and Keith have been very patient with my seemingly endless shopping. I make a point of buying all my ammo from them. One day I’m going to get some money in my hands and walk in an lay my CCW on the counter and buy an M&P 9….or Glock 19….no a Beretta 92….actually maybe the Bersa Thunder 9. I have paralysis by analysis, there are things that I really like about each and things I don’t like about each. Truth is it’ll be the M&P 9 or Glock 19. But the Bersa holds 17 rounds and has a safety decocker…..

Pinaud Products

One of the charms of a real barbershop is the smell of Pinaud products. I have used Pinaud Styling Gel most of the time since I started wearing the flat-top, even before that I had Pinaud Talc and Bay Rum Aftershave. After I left the shop today I remembered that I was almost out of Pinaud Gel. I was already on the interstate back to Clemmons, so I mentally rearranged my other errands of the day and went to the CosmoProf store. I used to be able to pick up Pinaud products at Walgreens, but they have discontinued selling them. The store I was going to was a different chain of beauty supply stores a few years ago before being bought by CosmoProf. I have bought Pinaud, razors and other items there and my wife, a former nail tech, bought items there as well.

Apparently when I entered the store I didn’t look like I fit in, admittedly I had two days of beard and was wearing a ‘comfortable’ T-shirt; “Can…I….help you with something?” asked the clerk. “Yes”, I said as I scanned the aisles trying to remember when the men’s products were. “I need some Pinaud styling gel.” “Are you a barber or stylist?” was the next question. “No.” “We only sell to the professional industry” she said with her arms crossed. “OK… I used to buy it here.” I said as I turned to leave. “I don’t know who sold it to you, but they weren’t supposed to. Maybe Sally’s will sell it to you.” was heard as the door swung closed.

As I got in the car I googled the closest Sally Beauty Supplies address, I was thinking to myself, it’s not like I’m trying to buy something deadly poisonous. It’s hair gel not napalm for crying out loud. You put a dab in the palm of your hand, rub it between your palms and work it into your hair. Depending on the mood of the day, you comb your hair up for a more prickly look, or you use a hair dryer and a soft brush to give your hair a smoother, fuller look.


Somewhere down the street I was thinking of my job, I’ve been working on Acura and Honda automobiles for 26 years, I worked in a tire shop 3 years prior to that, I had a year of tech school, 2 years of High School Autoshop class as well as numerous weeks at Acura and Hyundai training center and various automotive aftermarket training over the 29 years I have been in the business. But anyone with a pulse can walk into Advance, Autozone, Orielly or PepBoys and buy parts to work on their own car, truck, motorcycle or boat. Parts that if installed improperly can result in injury or death to themselves and anyone else they meet traveling down the roadway. It makes a jar of hair gel seem pretty insignificant doesn’t it.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the auto industry regulated such that individuals cannot repair their own vehicles. To that end my comment about the “ways of my people”. We are/were country folks, we did our own plumbing, electrical, roofing, concrete pouring, built our own barns. Farmers HAVE to be versatile like that. And yes we fixed our own cars, trucks, tractors, hay rakes, cultivators, lawn mowers and the list goes on.

CosmoProf is welcome to run their business any way that they wish. But what makes them so exclusive? If someone goes to Walgreens and buys a cart full of hair dye and perm kits and changes their hair everyday, what’s the worst that will likely happen? They will burn their hair up and have to shave their head like Annie Lennox did some years ago.  Actually the new look worked out for Annie.

Annie Lennox

But if someone buys brake or suspension parts, installs them in their driveway, runs through a red light and injures or kills you or your child, what then? It somehow seems disproportionate, but it happens. I have seen all manner of shade tree repairs in three decades of automotive service. Most out of ignorance, some in response to lack of funds, some from sheer stupidity. I’ve seen people bolt on brake master cylinders that did not know the system had to have air bled, and they drove the car to the shop using the park brake and no foot brake because ‘tow trucks cost too much’. I’ve seen exhaust systems ‘fixed’ with aluminium cans and coat hanger wire. The stuff you see on White Trash Repairs really happens everyday.

Car_Repair_on_the_Cheap_1Well…THAT doesn’t happen every day, but it has happened.

And I can’t buy a jar of hair gel.

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