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A Shopping Tip To Save You Money And More

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 21•12

I went to WalGreen’s today to pick up a couple boxes of bandages. I work on cars, so I see my share of nicks and cuts. And although the Dr Rosedale diet has allowed me to quit taking my insulin and Metformin, I still am monitoring my blood glucose daily. So I was also buying bandages for those finger sticks that continue to bleed. I seem to go through alot of spot bandages.

Like many these days I shop by price, but I learned from my dad that you also shop for the best quality you can afford. I call that shopping for VALUE.

So  I find myself in the aisle with the bandages and first aid stuff. First off I see that the Band-Aid brand spots and strips are more expensive than the WalGreen brand, AND the Band-Aid boxes have 50 bandages and the WalGreen have 60. But before I could start calculating the cost per bandage, I noticed that the WalGreen bandages were Buy One Get One Half Off. So it is already a no-brainer that the WalGreen bandages are the better financial value.

If you look at the bottom of the label  you see that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. I know for a fact that they stand behind their guarantee, I bought some WalGreen recycled inkjet cartridges once that my HP printer identified as refurbished and refused to use, and WalGreen’s cheerfully refunded my money and I bought the genuine HP cartridges. So I have no financial loss on the slight chance that the store brand bandages don’t stick or something. Right?

Being a proud American, my first thought was maybe the WalGreen bandages were some sort of Chinese !@#$%^ product, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the WalGreen bandages were made here in the USA, Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave, with 9.2% unemployement. <Not including those that have run out of unemployment benefits. The real number is much higher, but that’s another post.> By comparison the Band-Aid bandages were made in Brazil. I suppose you know which bandages I bought? I left with 120 strips and 120 spots for about the same price as 50 and 50 of Band-Aid brand.

I know that this was less than a $7 purchase, and I scarcely employed one American worker for a hour, but if we ALL take the time to read a label or two, we may just find that we can save money and maybe save a neighbor’s job or our own.

As for myself, I will pay a little more for American made goods, especially if the quality is good.  That is shopping for value. Purchasing an item that will give a longer service life, or maybe is repairable to extend it’s life is far more beneficial than recycling disposable products.

I once heard, attributed to Oscar Wilde, that, “A fool knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing”.

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